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Alabama’s Randy Owen Battling Cancer

Randy Owen photo courtesy of Broken Bow Records.

Randy Owen photo courtesy of Broken Bow Records.

Randy Owen, who entered the Country Music Hall of Fame as a member of the trend-setting band Alabama, is in treatment for prostate cancer, he told fans last weekend during a fan-club party in Ft. Payne.

The presence of cancer was discovered during a regular doctor’s visit, and Randy underwent a comparatively new procedure in May to whip it. Randy’s Birmingham physician, Dr. Woody Fritz, referred him to a diagnostic center in Sarasota, Fla., where Dr. Ronald Wheeler performed high-intensity focused ultrasound on the cancer.

The procedure essentially shakes the tumorous cells so violently, according to Science Daily, that the walls of the cells leak toxic fluid, and the body’s immune system springs into action to eradicate the cancer.

“I feel very good and positive about my future,” Randy said in a statement. “I look forward to seeing the fans and doing what I do.”

Dr. Fritz said Randy is “just about fully recovered.”

As those treatments went on privately over the last couple months, Randy and two of his former bandmates were receiving very public accolades. The Alabama state legislature has decided to rename three DeKalb County roadways in their honor.

Part of County Road 78 will be designated as Teddy Gentry Road, and a portion of County Road 89 will become the Jeff Cook Parkway, The DeKalb County Times-Journal reported. In addition, a segment of Alabama Highway 35 will be renamed the Randy Owen Highway. As it currently stands, drummer Mark Herndon — the only member of Alabama who was born outside of the state — will not have a road named in his honor. The city of Ft. Payne placed bronze statues of all four band members in City Park in June 2008.


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