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Collins defense in Newberry court today, requests gag order

Filed by Heather Hawkins of affiliate WKDK, Newberry

Media has swirled around the June 2 murder of Anthony Hill, after which his body was dragged for miles behind a truck. Defense for Gregory Collins, who has been arrested but not indicted yet with the murder, made a motion today to suppress pretrial publicity. Solicitor Jerry Peace reported that the judge ruled that defense and prosecution should follow “the rules of professional responsibility,” which are specific rules limiting the release of facts from the case.

Other issues involving the grand jury proceedings were also taken under advisement. The statewide Diversified Case Management order calls for an individual to be indicted within 90 days of an arrest but it does give some leeway.

Peace reiterated that Collins is presumed innocent until proven guilty. “If he is found guilty or innocent it should be by 12 impartial individuals in a court,” restated Peace.

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