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Sheryl Crow Shows Off Her Soulful Side

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records.

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records.

The title of Sheryl Crow’s 7th studio album, 100 Miles From Memphis, literally refers to her hometown of Kennett, MO. which is 100 miles north of Memphis.  Now, it’s Nashville that Sheryl calls home.  And back in May, Sheryl came out to support her new hometown after the devastating floods by performing on GAC’s Music City Keep On Playin’ benefit concert.   For her performance on the show,  Sheryl took a seat at the piano and debuted a powerful new ballad entitled “Stop,” a song featured on this album and one that seemed to fit that evening perfectly.

I’ve previewed all the tracks on this 70’s soul inspired album and love what I’m hearing.   There are some great collaborations including guest appearances by Justin Timberlake on the cover of Terence Trent D’Arby’s “Sign Your Name” and Keith Richards provides the guitar licks on “Eye to Eye.”   The final bonus track on the album features Sheryl paying homage to the Jackson 5 with “I Want You Back.”   An interesting side note, Michael Jackson gave Sheryl her first big break when he hired her as a backup singer.

For me, the stand out track also happens to be the groovy lead single “Summer Day.”   Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean…

You can preview all the tracks and pick up a copy of the CD
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Of course I realize this is not a “country” album.  But it’s a fun collection of easy-going tunes that I think are worth a listen for any music fan.  What do you think about Sheryl Crow’s new music?  Leave us a comment and share your feedback on her music video for “Summer Day” and the album…


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