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Toby Keith Reloads His “Gun”

Toby Keith photo courtesy of Show Dog Nashville.

Toby Keith photo courtesy of Show Dog Nashville.

It appears that Toby Keith is off on another musical adventure that fits pretty neatly with what he’s done in his past.

To set the stage, it’s a good bet you remember the vigilante storyline of his duet with Willie Nelson, “Beer For My Horses.” And that you recall the margarita-fueled affair that takes place south of the border during the course of “Stays In Mexico.”

Now it appears that the title track from Toby’s upcoming album, Bullets In The Gun, might be a bit of a hybrid tale that continues some of those familiar themes.

It’s “about a guy on his motorcycle who ends up in a bar on the U.S. side of the Mexican border, falls for a dancer,” Toby told The Tacoma New Tribune. “Her boss abuses her in front of him, and they rob the place and head into Mexico and get killed. It’s kind of a throwback to some old Texas songs I grew up listening to in Oklahoma.”

Will “Bullets In The Gun” make the radio? Or become a video? It has a chance.

“Since it was so long [I thought] that it would never be a single,” Toby said. “Now everybody that’s got their hands on it says this has got to be a single. So we may end up coming up with a single and doing a shorter version of it.”

In the meantime, the first single from the album is “Trailerhood,” currently in the Top 30 on the national country charts. Watch the video for “Trailerhood” here.  The Bullets In The Gun album comes out Oct. 5.


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