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Blake Shelton on Miranda’s New Video & Giving Advice

Blake Shelton photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

Blake Shelton photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

When Blake Shelton saw fiancée Miranda Lambert’s new video, “Only Prettier,” for the first time, he had two words: “Daddy likey.” (Watch the video here.)

Actually, the always-funny Blake (whose SIX PAK, All About Tonight, comes out Aug. 10), had more to say. “See, here’s the deal,” he tells “I can actually look at that video and say, ‘Oh my God that’s the hottest thing.’ And she can never get mad at me, ‘cause she’s in it. If I was just watching Laura’s video, or Kellie’s or Hillary’s, then I couldn’t be saying, ‘This is the hottest video ever.’ But since it’s Miranda’s, I’m kind of getting away with going there.”

With his sense of humor, Blake gets away with a lot. GAC will soon be putting the funnyman to work as our “Dear Blake” advice columnist. “If people are at a crossroads and they need help or advice, I think the only way they could screw up their life even more,” Blake admits, “is to ask me what I think they should do. I want to go ahead and say that I’m not responsible for any disasters!”

Even though Blake says he’s “pretty sucky” at giving advice, he does remember getting good advice from former Lonestar frontman, Richie McDonald, when he was their opening act. “He stopped me in the backstage hallway one day and said, ‘Hey man, I just want to tell you something that Randy Owen told me years ago — slow down.’

“I guess he said that because it looked like I hadn’t slept in 2 weeks,” says Blake, “and I probably had a beer bottle cap stuck in my hair or something. It was great advice. I don’t remember taking it – but it was great advice. As I speak to you right now, I’m wishing I had taken it yesterday.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Leave us a comment below!


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