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Chris Young’s “Voices” Is A Family Affair

Chris Young photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Chris Young photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

If you’ve seen the video for Chris Young’s current single, “Voices,” then you probably remember a lot of family-themed visuals: throwing the football in the yard, checking out the car engine, hanging out with the women in the kitchen.

And of course, there’s the frequent scene of Chris playing guitar all by himself out under the trees. Granted, that’s not necessarily a family image and you probably don’t see too many people playing mini-concerts in your neighborhood, but hey, it’s a video — what do you expect!?

At any rate, Chris shot the video in June, just before the CMA Music Festival, and yes, he put his real-life family to work in it. Even if it wasn’t what they really wanted to do.

“Mom was very shy,” he says. “My mom is in that video a lot, and she was like, ‘Hey, whatever you do, just kind of use me a little bit, and then I’ll be out.’ She didn’t want any part of bein’, like, a big set piece in the video. And of course, she’s, like, one of the only people that you see twice. So, I’ve laughed at her a little bit about that. She’s like, ‘I didn’t even want to be in the video.’ She’s just one of those people — if there’s a camera nearby, she’s like, ‘I’ll take the picture.’ She’s always that person.”

Chris’ dad also makes a very brief cameo, and it’s a particularly meaningful one, since health problems have zapped a lot of his strength.

“He went through lung cancer and chemo for that and everything and is doin’ really well now,” Chris says. “But, you know, the fact that I got to use my dad in a video — I mean, you know, it’s kind of weird to say, but… it was a flip-of-a-coin kind of thing of whether he was gonna do really well or he’d still be sick and maybe not be able to be in my video, so I was glad to have him in there. And unless you know who my dad is, you can’t really pick him out, ’cause I’m walkin’ up at the very beginning, there’s my cousin — I guess technically my cousin-in-law, I don’t know, I guess that’s what he is — and then my dad is sittin’ there under the car hood lookin’ at a car.”

Watch the video here:

See Chris Young Perform Live Online…

In addition to seeing Chris in the video, there’s an opportunity Tuesday (August 10, 2010) to catch him in a live acoustic performance online. He’s set to play live from his record company’s homebase in Nashville at 6:30 p.m. ET. You can catch it here »


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