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Julianne Hough Double Dips At The Movies

Julianne Hough photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Julianne Hough photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

Julianne Hough came to national attention as one of the professional dancers on “Dancing With The Stars,” but now she’s all over the entertainment map.

Her current single, “Is That So Wrong,” is the first from her sophomore country album, and she’s expected to appear in two different movies in the next eight months — both of them connected to major dates on the calendar.

Julianne’s currently involved in pre-production in Los Angeles for the remake of Footloose, which has gone through several different incarnations. Kenny Ortega was originally set to direct the film, though it’s now in the hands of Craig Brewer, who directed Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan. But that’s not the only change in the crew. Chace Crawford and Zac Efron were both on board at one point or another to star opposite Julianne in the lead role made famous by Kevin Bacon in 1984. Her co-star is now a relative unknown, Kenny Wormald.

“It’s crazy,” Julianne says of all the ins and outs of the production. “This has been such an ongoing thing for me. I think everybody’s read so much about it they’re like, ‘Would they just shoot this movie already?’ But to be honest, I could not be more excited now than even before, because there has been so much direction change and growth through the movie. It was gonna be this singing, dancing, big-shebang movie, and now it’s gonna be more like the original and really, really including all the points from the movie. And really drama.”

So much drama that Julianne won’t be leaning on either of the talents that have most defined her publicly to date.

“It’s a real performance-acting piece for me,” she says. “I don’t sing or dance in it. So it’s gonna be really fun and challenging.”

A courthouse scene is currently slated to be filmed Sept. 17, 20 and 21 in Georgia, according to The Covington News. The picture is expected to hit theaters on a quasi-red-letter day: April Fools Day 2011.

Meanwhile, Burlesque — which puts Julianne on the big screen with Christina Aguilera and Cher — is on tap to debut in movie houses on Thanksgiving Day. The film is about a cocktail waitress attempting to become a star in Los Angeles, and a trailer for the film was recently released.

“What happened to all the great dancers in L.A.?” Cher asks in her role as a club owner in the trailer.

Stanley Tucci answers with a reference to the show that launched Julianne: “They’re all dancing with the stars.”


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