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Reba McEntire Still Has the Drive

Reba McEntire photo by Russ Harrington, courtesy of the Valory Music Co.

Reba McEntire photo by Russ Harrington, courtesy of the Valory Music Co.

It was a good 30 years ago that Reba McEntire picked up her first Top 10 hit, “(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven.” Since that time, she’s watched scores of country stars come and go, but kept her own spot among the elite performers in the genre.

At the time she had that first hit, the biggest star in country music was Kenny Rogers, and even now, Reba remembers how much the Gambler was driven to stay at the top.

“Kenny,” she told Foster’s Daily Democrat in New Hampshire, “always told me, ‘I don’t have to be No. 1, but I sure like running with the Top 10.’”

Reba’s still doing that. She spent four weeks at No. 1 in the last year with “Consider Me Gone,” and the album it came from, Keep On Loving You, was certified gold. Another sign of her continued impact comes with Facebook, where Reba’s now one of only 10 country artists who’ve amassed at least 1 million fans.

Part of her success is simple persistence. She is, she said, “keeping at it, never giving up, never slacking off, always trying to find something new, better, bigger.”

“New” these days means a new album. Her new single, “Turn On The Radio,” will be included on All The Women I Am, which comes out Nov. 9. Watch the video here. Instead of coasting, you can count on Reba to work hard at making it a success.

“To maintain is one thing,” she said, “but to kick it in the butt again and go forward is another.”


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