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State employment office launches job search engine

Those currently without a job in South Carolina will soon have a new website to help them find a new one.

The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce will debut a new job search engine, called SC Onestop.Org on August 30. In a statement released last week, SCDEW Executive Director John Finan said the new SC Virtual One Stop (SCVOS) is designed to replace the current SC Joblink site:

The Virtual One-Stop has been a long time in planning and development. We’ve had other job search engines in the past, but we wanted something more modern, more on the cutting edge of technology. I think all of our customers, both job seekers and employers, are going to see a dramatic improvement and a much more effective system.

The State newspaper reported that all resumes, registrations, job orders, and other information on JobLink will transfer over to the new site.

Courtney Nowak of the state’s Workforce Development Program says One Stop users won’t have to subscribe to other job sites to get the exact same results.

The advantage of is that it is literally one search engine that encompasses all the results you would find at the other search engines into one place. So instead of subscribing to all of these other search engines, when you register at S.C. One-Stop, create a resume and start searching for jobs, you’re not only looking at the jobs that the agency, the Department of Employment and Workforce, has recruited on to the site, you’re looking at jobs that are coming from search engines all over the nation.

Users will be able to access postings on search engines such as Monster or CareerBuilder without having to register for those sites.

Besides operating as a search engine, the new website allows registered users to create or post their resumes. Registration is free, although users do have to give a lot of personal information. However, the questions asked are no more intrusive than at other jobs sites.

The website is designed to serve the same purpose as the DEW’s offices across the state: to connect employers with people looking for jobs.

The site won’t only be for job-seekers, however. Employers can also use databases to find potential employees and examine industry data. The site contains information on the necessary labor laws and guidance for personnel management and eligibility for special perks.

SCVOS will be maintained by a national developer recognized by the US Department of Labor.

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