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Fifth Congressional race becoming more heated

The race for South Carolina’s  5th Congressional seat is becoming more contentious and heated as the November general election gets closer. Democrat John Spratt, seeking his 15th term, is facing a stiff challenge from Republican State Senator Mick Mulvaney. Appearing on Fox News Thursday,  Mulvaney said he fully intended to stay in the South Carolina Senate, but what he calls Spratt’s liberal voting record moved him to change his plans.

I had no intention of doing this. I never really expected to be doing this. But when you see a congressman vote so dramatically out of line with his district what choice do you have? John has forced us to do this by voting by voting with the Pelosi Administration as much as he has.

Spratt’s latest television ad accuses Mulvaney for profiting from a failed land deal in Lancaster County that the Spratt campaign is labeling the  “Mulvaney Edenmoor Boondoggle.”

With his length of congressional seniority, Spratt holds the powerful position of chairman of the U.S. House Budget Committee. Mulvaney says if successful in ousting Spratt he does not intend to be in office as long as his opponent:

I support term limits. By the way, I didn’t used to until I got into government. Now I realize how important they are, so I actually support Senator DeMint’s efforts to enact some term limits in Congress.

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