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James Otto Out of the Hospital & In Stores

James Otto's 2010 CD, Shake What God Gave Ya. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

This morning, James Otto posted on his Twitter page, ”Today I have to go buy my own record. It’s kinda a ritual. I need to see it on the shelf to know it’s really there & know it’s done.”

James’ Shake What God Gave Ya is definitely “there.” James also tweeted that he was No. 4 on the iTunes country album chart. That must have been good news, considering last week this time, he was in a considerable amount of pain and was hospitalized on Septemer 8 for an abdominal illness. Thankfully, he was out by last weekend!

A few weeks ago, James stopped by our studio to talk with On The Streets host Suzanne Alexander about his new daughter Ava (born August 24)  and his new single, “Soldiers And Jesus.”

“I come from a military family,” says James. “My dad was a drill sergeant, my grandfather was in Korea. I was in the Navy myself and went around the world by the time I turned 21. The song itself is definitely an ode to my heroes. I don’t think there IS anybody that’s ever laid down our lives for you, other than soldiers and Jesus. Those are the people that live and die for you, and go out and do those things that nobody else wants to do. So yeah, it is personal to me. But it’s a powerful song and I think it hits home for a lot of people. And I think a lot of the [people in the] country market are the people that bear the brunt of the cost of freedom in America.”


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