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Jason Aldean Ready To “Party”

Jason Aldean photo courtesy of Broken Bow Records.

Jason Aldean’s Wide Open album brought him to a new level as two of the singles — “She’s Country” and “Big Green Tractor” — became monster records within country music.

Now he’s looking to pack even more forward-moving energy into his career with the next album, My Kinda Party. Named after his current Top 25 single, it may not be much of a departure for Jason in the way he approached it. But it still represents a change in his career. Since he doesn’t write many of his own songs, he relies on the material that Nashville’s songwriters send his way. And after his last album sold so well, writers made sure that he got a crack at their best material. And early listens to a few of the tracks suggest that he may well have upped the ante creatively.

“The mindset for this album was probably the same as it’s always been,” Jason says. “Obviously comin’ off Wide Open, which was the biggest album of my career, you wanna make sure that you’re able to follow that up with somethin’ that you feel like is pretty good. But as far as the recording process, we kinda went about it the same way as we always have, which is — the main thing is findin’ great songs. You do that, everything else kinda falls into place.”

Not that there weren’t a few surprises along the way. For one, he recorded “Dirt Road Anthem,” a song written by Colt Ford that has a quasi-rap section in it. On top of that, Jason enlisted pop singer Kelly Clarkson for a duet, “Don’t You Wanna Stay.”

“We weren’t really lookin’ to do a duet on this record, and all of a sudden, we find a song that kinda lends itself to that,” Jason says. “[It] just so happened the person we wanted to do it with, we were able to pull that off, which that doesn’t happen all the time. There were things we had no idea we were gonna do, it just kinda worked out. But the process of finding songs and attackin’ the record has been the same for every record.”

Something’s clearly worked with that strategy. Jason has three of the 50 best-selling tracks right now in country music: “My Kinda Party,” “Crazy Town” and “Big Green Tractor” are all on Billboard’s 50-position Country Digital Songs chart, which measures paid downloads.

My Kinda Party will be released Nov. 2.


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