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Watch the Making of Thompson Square’s New Video

Thompson Square photo courtesy of Stoney Creek Records.

New duo Thompson Square is married to the music — and to each other! We asked this entertaining twosome, Shawna and Keifer, to let us tag along with them as they watch their budding career blossom:

Blog No. 8
September 21, 2010

Since our last blog, we had a week or so back in Nashville catching up on sleep, writing and continuing the song selection process for our upcoming debut album release in the spring. And then it happened!

We have been waiting for this to happen our entire life. We did a show for Thunder Country in Grand Rapids, MI, where there were thousands of people. At one point in the show, we announced we were going to do our new single “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” and the crowd went nuts! As we looked out in the crowd during the song, we realized everyone was singing with us. It was a moment we’ll never forget. Thanks to everyone for making that a very special moment.  

On Monday we went to the studio with our producers and cut five new songs. The session was killer and we’re getting closer to having the songs for our record. We cannot wait for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on for so long. It’s going to be great.

September started out with traffic school for me, Keifer. That’s always a great use of time and money. I guess I was due; it’s been awhile since I’ve had a ticket. All we wanted to do was make a quick u-turn and grab some Chik-Fil-A. That was the most expensive combo I’ve ever had.

A quick note: If any of you fly on Delta Airlines in September, be sure and check out the article on Thompson Square in the Delta in-flight magazine and listen to us on their Spotlight channel 10A. Thanks to Delta for “getting us there.”

As we are writing this blog entry, we are about 40,000 feet above California, heading to Seattle for some more radio tour. We got a lucky row on this flight. The last one, we had to share with someone who was less than nice and we’ll leave it at that. If there’s “one of those people” on the plane and there’s one empty seat, guess who they’re sitting next too. That’s right! THIS GUY. 

Well we’re getting ready to land, so we’ll go for now but leave you with this video – the making of “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not.”

Watch the actual video HERE! Have a great week. Until next time, God bless and don’t eat any yellow snow.




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