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Adam Brand: Country Music’s Dancing Machine

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After he took part in ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” in the spring of 2009, Chuck Wicks endured a lot of ribbing from other guys in the music business.

One of his fellow artists — newcomer Adam Brand — can sympathize with Chuck. Adam not only was a contestant on the Australian version of the show, he actually won the whole competition!

“It is grueling,” Adam says. “It gave me a whole new respect for what dancers go through. I mean, you know, I’m a guy. [I’d] never watched the show before. I’d be channel-surfing and I’d come across the show and I’d be like, ‘Nah, I’m a guy. I don’t watch that rubbish.’ Flick the channel. Obviously, when I did the show, I then discovered that, wow, these dancers are tough… All the girls look very pretty and sparkly and stuff, but they are tough as nails. Now when I flick through the channel, it’s not a case of flicking past it. It’s a case of stopping for a minute and going, ’Oh, dear, I know what you’re going through.’”

At this point, “Dancing With The Stars” is in Adam’s rear-view mirror. His professional focus is on his singing career (his current single is called “Ready For Love”). One carry-over from his “Dancing” past, though: He ended up marrying his dance partner from the show, Jade Hatcher, earlier this year.


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