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Brett Eldredge Makes a Grown Man Cry

Brett Eldredge photo courtesy of WMG Nashville.

It’s been a long time since I hit play on a new video only to have it leave me with tears running down my cheek. Brett Eldredge’s new song and video for “Raymond” took me by surprise. You see, just about two years ago I lost my Mom after she battled Alzheimer’s and cancer. It was a long, hard struggle. We didn’t really know about the cancer. But the Alzheimer’s was something that came on slowly at first, then it took over, front and center. In many ways it was a more devastating disease than the cancer. Cancer takes the body, but Alzheimer’s takes the mind and the memory.  It takes the very person we know and love and changes them right before our eyes.

This song brought back so many emotions, too many to hold back and I broke down.

It’s a beautiful song that doesn’t focus on the horrible effects of Alzheimer’s. What it does do is tell the story of a man we’d all like to be a little bit more like. A man that steps up and steps in to comfort someone in need. A man that selflessly brings peace to a woman that has been left only with the memories of a life that has long since passed her by.

So once again, I am reminded why I love country music.  It tells stories about real life, real joy, and real pain.  It tells our stories.  Stories that can make a grown man cry.

Watch Brett Eldredge’s video for “Raymond”:

I’d love to hear what you think about this song and video.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if this song struck an emotional chord with you.


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