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Greene versus Obama showdown in 2012?

Alvin Greene lost to Senator Jim DeMint in his bid for US Senate, but now he’s on to what he says “bigger and better plans.”

I’m thinking about running for president and those out there that want to help they can just send, they need to just make contributions to make that happen.

And someone can make that happen by:

Right now they can just use the website to make campaign contributions and the mailing address is on there, P.O. Box 511. The campaign website that was used in the senate election So, those who want to help in that effort.

Greene ran as a Democrat in the US Senate race in November, but he’s open to any side, he says.

I’m leaving the party open right now, but I’m leaning Republican, so if ya’ll wanna see a Greene versus Obama showdown November 2012, like I said, money and all. But, I know just to get started, we want to get that first $50,000 to get started for filing fees.

So, what does Greene think of his chances?

I think I have good name recognition now across the country, and I think I have good positions, I think my campaign.

Now, if Greene were to be elected president come 2012, he says what his focus would be and what a voter could expect out of him:

He’s gonna end the recession. Yeah, yeah, that’s what we have to do, that’s the main reason why I’m thinking about this because of the economic situation and abroad.

Greene is from Manning, South Carolina and is an unemployed veteran that wants to relate to the “average citizen.”

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