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Julianne Hough Finally Opening Up About Ryan Seacrest

Julianne Hough photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

It’s got to be strange to have a public profile and a private life and try to keep them separate. It’s certainly been a lot of work for Julianne Hough and “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest, who’ve been spotted publicly numerous times since the summer.

Thus far, they’ve been pretty dodgy — Ryan even declined to kiss Julianne at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game when the Kiss Cam put the couple’s image on the scoreboard.

But they’re maybe feeling a little more comfortable talking about the coupling that cameras have documented for months. Julianne acknowledged the relationship to People, saying “I could not be happier. Everything is wonderful.”

It has not been easy, though. She dated fellow country singer Chuck Wicks after they went on tour with Brad Paisley — she and Chuck even competed together on “Dancing With The Stars,” the TV show that launched her to national attention. But Chuck and Julianne didn’t feel the media squeeze in quite the same way that Ryan and Julianne do.

“People I have dated in the past, even though they have had a status of some sort, it was never like this,” she told People. “But when it’s worth it, it’s worth it.”

Her love life might magnetize a lot of scrutiny, but Julianne’s creative efforts are guaranteed to increase her visibility as well in the coming weeks and months. She joins Christina Aguilera and Cher in the movie Burlesque, which opens Nov. 24. And she recently wrapped shooting in Georgia for a remake of Footloose. That picture is currently slated to debut April 1.


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