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Miranda Lambert’s Revolutionary Recording Plan

Miranda Lambert at the No. 1 party for her song, "The House That Built Me," on Tuesday, August 3, 2010, in Nashville.

When Miranda Lambert won Album of the Year from the Country Music Association last week, it represented a huge amount of support within the industry for the creative results in Revolution.

But her creative success is also a result of the changes she made in her approach to the work. Miranda had plenty of time to cut her first album, but when it came time to do her second, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, her life had become a bit of a blur. She had to fit the recording sessions in between a bunch of tour dates, and the whole process was completely stressful.

“I was finishin’ songs in the studio,” she remembers. “It was really rushed, but I’m glad because I also think the good note of that is I didn’t have time to over-analyze. I [just] did it. I didn’t have time to over-think any of the songs or the process or anything.”

She did have time to think it out when it came time to do Revolution, and for one very good reason: she disappeared.

“I took actual time off at home to try and figure out what the heck I wanted to say,” Miranda says, “because I had this record, Crazy Ex, that was very successful, and I didn’t know where to go. So I think it’s really important now in my life to take the downtime and to sit with myself for a couple of months and go, ‘Who am I at this point? What do I want to say?’”

Miranda plans some downtime at the holidays, and she’ll have plenty to reflect on. She’s engaged to Blake Shelton, she’s got the Album of the Year and she’s also the Female Vocalist of the Year. And she’ll be thinking about what to do to follow up Revolution.


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