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Miranda Lambert Fights Pressure on Album No. 4

Miranda Lambert photo courtesy of Shopkeeper Management.

Miranda Lambert’s third album, Revolution, launched her from a highly regarded country artist to one of the top acts in the business. It went platinum, won Album of the Year from both the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music, and spawned her first two No. 1 singles.

Of course, Miranda can’t bask in Revolution forever. Only in the last couple months has she started thinking about a follow-up album. And she’s making a point to not let the sales and trophies distract her from doing good art.

“I’m trying to not concern myself with anyone or even compare myself with myself, because when I have success like this record, now I’m really panickin’ goin’, ‘OK, now what am I gonna do?’” she says. “I’m gonna not try to compete with myself or anyone else. I’m just gonna keep rollin’ with it and doing what I do. And if it sells 30,000 copies but I love it, then I’ll be happy because I love it — I mean, I won’t be happy happy, I’ll probably be mad — but I just wanna make sure that I don’t ever compromise and that I always stick to what I know because it’s working. And if at some point it stops working, then I’ll revamp and I’ll rethink what I’m doin’.”

Miranda’s already written songs with Eric Church and Josh Kelley as she starts the process on the next album. It won’t happen fast. The songs have to get created or found, then they have to get recorded. And, since she’s got a wedding to plan with Blake Shelton, there’s plenty to keep Miranda occupied.

While she looks ahead to the next album, the last one is still making waves. She’s in the running for three Grammy Awards, including a nomination for Revolution for Best Country Album. In addition to her nominations, “The House That Built Me” made songwriters Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin finalists for Song of the Year and Best Country Song. The Grammys will be presented Feb. 13.


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