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Roger Milliken’s life honored by political leaders, press

The passing of South Carolina textile titan Roger Milliken at age 95 has prompted a wave of condolences from business and political leaders. Both worlds were greatly influenced by his investment of time and money.  During his seven decades as the leader of the company, Milliken expanded the business from a handful of plants to 50 manufacturing facilities in seven countries. He stepped aside from daily management of the company in 2006, but continued as chairman of the board until his death. He was also a key supporter of GOP politicians.

Governor Mark Sanford issued a statement, saying:

Roger Milliken lived a full life, and indeed lived life to its fullest. For his expansive and varied roles across this state, including a successful business career yielding hundreds upon hundreds of jobs for South Carolinians, his charitable work and more than generous support of our state’s students and educational institutions, and his role as a father and grandfather and friend and colleague to many, we honor his memory. In addition and to his credit, he was deeply involved in our political system and emerged as a national leader in the conservative movement, a reminder to every one of us to engage in the democratic process wherever possible. I’d ask the people of this state to keep the Milliken family in their prayers during this holiday season.

 State GOP Chair Karen Floyd says:

His support of the Republican Party–starting with his leadership during the Goldwater campaign five decades ago–was not only a catalyst but a continuing source of strength for the Republican Party that helped turn it into the political presence that it is today. And, he was a patriot. I know of no one who believed more passionately in the ideals on which this country was founded than did Mr. Milliken. His dedication of time, energy and resources was unmatched, and should serve as a reminder to all of us to give selflessly for that in which we believe.

The Upstate’s business activity and growth is partly the result of the success and stability of Milliken & Co. as WYFF 4 reports.

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