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See Trace Adkins on the Set of His New Video

Trace Adkins photo courtesy of Show Dog-Universal Music.

Trace Akdins has been busy shooting the video for his latest single, “Brown Chicken Brown Cow.”

What exactly does the song title mean? Trace explained to CNN that saying the song title out loud recalls  “that old guitar lick that was predominant in every porno done in the seventies.”

Trace has a co-star in the video — a puppet made to look like him, complete with long, flowing locks.  It seems the puppet is helping keep everything kid-friendly. ”We wanted to do a video that kept the innuendo, but at the same time is G-rated so that kids can watch it, and their parents don’t have to worry about them seeing something — so we’re using puppets,” he told CNN.

Here’s a behind the scenes clip of Trace on the set. Trace also talked to CNN about his upcoming role in the Matthew McConaughey movie, The Lincoln Lawyer. ”I got to spend some time with Matthew,” said Trace, “and he’s a good old East Texas boy, you know. When he started playing the bongos naked, I left. I went and played guitar naked in my trailer. We never did that together.”


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