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Steve Martin’s New CD Features a Beatle & Three Chicks

Steve Martin photo courtesy of Rounder Records.

Musician/comedian/actor/author Steve Martin will release his second bluegrass CD, Rare Bird Alert, March 15. He’s backed by the Steep Canyon Rangers, the quintet he toured with last year. But he also has a few special guests on the album– Sir Paul McCartney and the Dixie Chicks.

“It’s very hard to believe,” Steve told, of having the former Beatle perform on the record. “I was a kid when I first heard Paul McCartney, and if you told me one day that he’d be singing one of my tunes, I’m still flabbergasted.”

Sir Paul sings on “Best Love,” which Steve tells Pollstar is “a love song, but it has a little humor in it.”

When Steve called the Dixie Chicks, they agreed to sing on a song called “You” before they’d even heard it. Steve describes the tune as “very emotional, heartbreaking.”

He tells Pollstar, “I was kind of disappointed because I really wanted them to hear the song first and like it,” he said. “But they did like it and they did a great job.”

If you’re wondering what the title cut is about, it was inspired by Steve’s upcoming movie about bird watching — “The Big Year,” which co-stars Jack Black and Owen Wilson and was shot in Canada (scheduled for a 2011 release).


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