Taylor Swift’s ‘Gleeful’ Hockey Date

Taylor Swift has dated – and written songs about – some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Joe Jonas, John Mayer, and Taylor Lautner are all former flames and the rumored inspiration behind some of Taylor’s songs. Now, it seems Taylor has a new beau – fellow Nashvillian and Glee star Chord Overstreet – reports US Weekly. Taylor and [...] Read More

Fluor, SRNS back USC hydrogen research with $1.5 million

Hydrogen energy –and its business potential–got a vote of confidence from private industry Monday. Fluor Corporation and Savannah River Nuclear Solutions gave $1.5 million Monday to fund two endowed chairs and establishing the University of South Carolina’s Center of Economic Excellence for the Hydrogen Economy. The gift represents a university-industry partnership between USC, Fluor, and SRNS to “advance the [...] [...] Read More

Tips to dull the pain at the pump

Although there seems to be no cure for current gas prices, the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs suggest ways that may dull the pain at the pump a bit. Since economists say they don’t know how high gas prices will go, here are tips that may help you get the most of each gallon. Combine [...] [...] Read More

AAA spokesman: International events affecting Americans at the pump

Over the weekend, gas prices continued to rise. Triple A Carolinas spokesman Tom Crosby says gas went up on average about 20 cents in South Carolina just over the weekend. It really soared over the weekend because of the stuff in Lybia. We are seeing international events affect us at the pump–painful. Crosby says he expects the [...] [...] Read More

And With a Broken Wing, Justin Moore Still Sings

Like many folks, Justin Moore hates flying. If you follow him on Twitter, you’re probably already aware of his distaste for aviation — so just imagine his exasperation when he recently boarded a plane that was delayed because of a broken wing! “I don’t know how they let you get to that point before they [...] Read More