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Jessi Colter Names Top 5 Favorite Waylon Jennings Songs

Waylon Jennings tribute album.

Singer/songwriter Jessi Colter — and widow of country legend Waylon Jennings — is just one of the artists featured on the upcoming tribute album, The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated to Waylong Jennings, released tomorrow, Feb. 8. Jessi sings the classic “Good Hearted Woman” with Sunny Sweeney.

Also on the CD is an impressive roster of stars embodying Waylon’s outlaw spirit, including Trace Adkins, Randy Houser, Jamey Johnson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon and Jessi’s son Shooter Jennings, and many more. GAC will premiere Breaking the Myth: Waylon Jennings on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 9 p.m., a special that follows the making of the tribute album.

If you asked each artist above to name their favorite Waylon songs, we’re guessing the lists would be quite varied. Jessi recently stopped by the GAC studio to talk about the CD — and we couldn’t resist asking the woman who knew Waylon best to tell us which tunes were the most special to her. Watch the clip below for Jessi’s faves — and tell us which Waylon songs are YOUR favorites!!


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