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Tips to dull the pain at the pump

Posted By the South Carolina Radio Network On February 28, 2011 @ 3:01 PM In State & Local News | Comments Disabled

Although there seems to be no cure for current gas prices, the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs suggest ways that may dull the pain at the pump a bit. Since economists say they don’t know how high gas prices will go, here are tips that may help you get the most of each gallon.

  • Combine trips. Run as many errands as possible in one trip and carpool when possible.
  • Use overdrive gears and cruise control when appropriate. They improve fuel economy when highway driving.
  • Slow down! You can cut your gas usage by driving the speed limit on interstates.
  • Empty your trunk. An extra 100 pounds in the trunk can reduce a typical car’s fuel economy by up to two percent.
  • Maintain your vehicle. Keep your engine tuned and tires inflated and rotated.
  • Try to accelerate and brake gradually whenever possible. “Jackrabbit” starts and stops can decrease efficiency up to five percent.
  • Avoid long idles. Turn off your engine if you are waiting in your vehicle for a long time.
  • Use the octane level you need. Your owner’s manual recommends the most effective octane level for your car.

The US Energy Department also has a website [1]to let you find the gas station in your area with the lowest fuel prices.

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