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Martina McBride’s New Single Hits Radio

Martina McBride photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Last fall, Martina McBride told GAC her new music would have a more rootsy sound. After a few months of anticipating what that meant, the wait is finally over! Martina’s first single from her upcoming album is called “Teenage Daughters.” Like the saying, “write what you know” goes, Martina’s done exactly that. As the mother of three daughters — Ava, 5; Emma, who turns 13 this month; and Delaney, 16 — Martina wrote a humorous and honest account of what it’s like to survive your daughter’s teenage years.

“Almost everybody goes through it,” says Martina. ”So I’m not surprised when people tell me how much they relate to this song…even the dads who were ‘Prince Charming’ in their little girl’s world until she discovered boys. They all get it. This is every day life and it’s why I love country music – It touches us right at the heart of what we are feeling or dealing with on a daily basis.”

Martina wrote the song with The Warren Brothers. ”The Warrens and I were catching up on our lives before we started writing,” she says. “I was telling them how interesting it is to have a teenager and how it goes from you being the center of their universe, to their life being more about their friends and gaining independence.

“The little girl who thought you were so cool and always wanted to hold your hand or would dance with you in the kitchen, suddenly is a little embarrassed by those things,” she adds. ”It’s just inevitable as they grow up. It’s their job to become more independent and our job to walk the balance between keeping them close and letting them go a little at a time.  No matter how much you think you are prepared for it, it still takes you by surprise.”

It’s not the first time Martina has honored her girls in song. In 2004 she sang the tender, heart-tugging “In My Daughter’s Eyes.” But it might be the first time a mom has admitted, in song, that she needs a drink! In the truth-in-humor “Teenage Daughters,” Martina sounds recharged and relatable to any parent going through the hormonally-charged years between 13 and 20.

“It shows a very real side of my personality that I’m not sure I’ve shown in a song before,” admits Martina. “It’s definitely a very personal song and, to me, it just feels like an honest conversation between mothers and fathers of teenage daughters everywhere.“

Have you heard the song yet? What do you think? Let us know!


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