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Suzanne Alexander: No Bull, Part 2

GAC host Suzanne Alexander.

Our very own Suzanne Alexander has been immersing herself into the bull riding culture lately — and now she’s blogging about it! Here’s Part 2 of her web series called “No Bull.” And don’t forget to tune in to GAC beginning in May to catch Championship Bull Riding every Tuesday Night!

Fort Worth, Texas. How could anyone not want to visit? It really is one of the coolest cities in Texas. The city marks the fourth stop on the Cinch CBR Tour — and there’s a lot of history to the event. It’s called The Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge. This was Tuff’s first stand-alone bull riding event. He put it together back in ’92 when he was still competing, which makes this event the longest running indoor bull riding event in the history of the sport. Pretty neat huh?

Because of that, all the riders want to win it. There’s a certain prestige that goes with taking home the event title. But like all CBR events, there can only be one winner. Fort Worth also seems to bring out the rankest bulls. One bull you’ll want to look for at this event when it airs on GAC is Cude Energy. The bull was on his way to becoming the bull of the year, in a close race with the bull Double Scoop. But Cude Energy sustained an injury and it took him out of the running. Fort Worth marks his return. He’s matched up with the good looking and talented Nate Perry. It’s rough…that’s all I’m gonna say. You’ll have to watch!

Hanging out in Fort Worth, there’s plenty to do, see and eat before the event starts. I love my crew — the guys are awesome — but usually if we are all doing dinner together, we tend to lean towards a steakhouse or BBQ joint. Understandable when you’re in Texas! But this time I was in the mood for Italian. Okay, I’m always in the mood for Italian. And thanks to my Sprint EVO (I have to say I’m in love with my phone) it gets me everywhere I need to be. It helps me find restaurants wherever I’m at. 

I found this place called “Joe’s Pizza & Pasta.” I’m thinking, because I was born and raised in New York, c’mon..really? How good will this be? But truth be told, bad pizza or pasta is better than none! BUT what a surprise! This place was really good…reminded me of home. I got the eggplant parmesan hero and told the crew about the place and they decided to have lunch there. They, too, dug it. I wound up eating there two days in row. When I find something I like…well, I like it. 

Bull Rider Chase Outlaw

Back to bull riding. It’s always good to see the riders. They’re just great guys. There are quite a few “new kids on the block” and I’m still getting to know ‘em…like Cody Atwood, Stevo Keighley, Stetson Lewis and Chace Outlaw to name a few. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Chace Outlaw”? Can’t be his real name. Nope, it is. I met his Daddy too, in Fort Worth. Let me tell ya, Chace is a character. Good looking 18-year-old kid with a lot of grit. Stronger than a pit bull. He’s all muscle — and he’s been riding since he was 5 years old! I thought I’d throw my 5 questions at Chace, hoping to get to know him a little better.

Here are my 5 Questions with Chace Outlaw from CBR in Fort Worth, TX:

1) What’s the 1 thing you like having on the road with you?
The one thing that I like to have with me on the road is a good friend that’s gonna have my back in a tight squeeze!

2) If you weren’t a bullrider, what would you be doing?
If I was not a bull rider, I would probably be a stock contractor.

3) When you’re on the road, what’s your favorite place to stop & eat?
When on the road, my favorite place to eat is Buffalo Wild Wings.

4) What or whom do you like to travel with?
I like to travel with Stevo Keleigh, Tate Harris, Aaron Pass and Chandler Bownds.

5) What’s your idea of a romantic date?
My idea of a romantic date would be to go out to fancy bar and grill with a little music playing in the background. Then we would go to a house on a lake somewhere and have a big fire while watching bull ridings!


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