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Brad Paisley: “Somewhere between Charlie Sheen & Oprah”

Brad Paisley photo by Jeremy Cowart, courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Brad Paisley is frequently featured in our Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week. He’s found the perfect balance between letting fans peek behind the curtain into his private life and not sharing too much. And he does it all with humor. But Brad tells Billboard magazine that initially, he only signed up for Twitter because his label asked him to do it. His first tweet was at an awards show, when he tweeted “thank you” after winning a trophy.

“Then I was hooked because the followers started multiplying,” he told Billboard. “It’s a great tool. It’s not as effective as people thought at selling product. That’s not why I do it. They found in studies that it depends on the person. People following Charlie Sheen may not buy things because he tells you to, but people following Oprah [Winfrey] would be more likely to run out and do it if she tells you to do it.

“It’s interesting,” he continues. “I don’t know where I fall in that — probably somewhere between Charlie and Oprah. I don’t use it for monetary or career gain. People see through that. I use it for observation and I use it in a way that my fans can see a little bit of my personality.”

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