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Brad Paisley Honors Today’s Country With New Album

Brad Paisley photo by Jeremy Cowart, courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Brad Paisley’s upcoming album, This Is Country Music, hits store shelves May 24th. Fans have already heard the title track, “This Is Country Music,” which Brad debuted on last year’s CMA Awards, as well as his current single, “Old Alabama” which features Alabama. Brad told Billboard that “This Is Country Music,” which is the lead off track on the album, will prepare fans for the rest of the record.

“The song itself is what inspired the album, which is the best way to have an album come about,” Brad said to Billboard. “‘This Is Country Music’ is track one. It sets the tone. And from then on, all the songs on the album fill certain slots and paint the rest of the picture. It’s almost like that’s the opening credits, and then you have the rest of the movie to follow.”

Other artists like Alan Jackson, Martina McBride and Dolly Parton record cover albums to pay tribute to their musical heroes. Brad had other intentions when recording This Is Country Music as a way to honor country music.

“I’m not comfortable doing a covers album,” Brad said. “Those songs have been done as well as they could’ve been done or they wouldn’t have been hits. No one needs to recut ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today.’ George Jones recut ‘Hello Darlin’ ‘ in honor of Conway Twitty and between those two, you can put that one to rest . . . Same with ‘A Country Boy Can Survive,’ and ‘Take Me Home Country Roads., I wanted the album to be ‘This Is Country Music’ now, not then.”

This Is Country Music isn’t available for fans just yet, but if the first two singles, “This Is Country Music” and “Old Alabama,” are any indication, this is going to be an album not to be missed.

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