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Democrats to choose new leader

The Democratic Party will choose a new leader today, which will decide the tone the party will take in the upcoming elections. As Democrats are fighting for traction, two of the men who want to lead the party are waging a war of words.

Dick Harpootlian is known for his sharp tongue, perhaps too sharp says his opponent, Phil Noble. After the most recent statement and apology for calling certain legislators “retards.” Noble says the party cannot risk that kind of divisive speech.

Harpootlian has a retort to that. He says effective leaders speak in sharp terms, ones that are quotable, and he has gotten lots of press since he decided to run. Noble, who has tried to recreate the party, says he has a plan, not just talk.

Who will lead the Democratic Party? That will be decided today at the State Convention, held in Columbia. Stay tuned to SCRN to find out the outcome.


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