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Julie Roberts Reveals She Has MS

Julie Roberts photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

In an emotional blog post, Julie Roberts revealed to her fans that she has Multiple Sclerosis. The singer, who is working on her third studio album, was diagnosed while working on her Men and Mascara album five years ago. Holding nothing back, she wrote about the signs that led her to realize something was wrong.

“A circumstance that I was dealing with when recording my second album was I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis,” Julie wrote. “It all started when I was on the road touring for my first album. I’d be in the middle of a show and couldn’t hold my microphone anymore. I’d have to switch the microphone between my hands, back and forth to get through a song.”

Julie also had trouble signing autographs, writing that she would be signing for someone and be unable to see the signature and that her vision was often blurry. She also found herself struggling to hold weights while working out at the gym and said she would experience electric shocks that would start at the back of her head and spread. The symptoms prompted her to seek medical attention, scheduling doctor appointments between recording sessions for Men and Mascara.

“After all these doctor appointments, I would make my way back to the studio and work on my 2nd album and wait for the results,” she wrote. “One day all of the executives of the label were going to come listen to what I had recorded so far and I was so excited to see what they thought, but I got called away by a neurologist to speak with me about my brain scan.  So, as my label listened to my new music, I listened to this doctor tell me I have 11 lesions on my brain and that I had MS.”

Julie underwent more tests, including a spinal tap, and was told by her doctor there were medications she could take to slow the progress of the incurable disease. Julie opted against taking medication and focuses on a healthy lifestyle to keep her at her best. “I chose to not begin any medications and just tried to be as healthy as I could be on my own,” Julie said. “That meant, exercising daily, getting 7-8 hours sleep a night, and eating healthy most of the time.”

In her blog, Julie also reveals she had not listened to Men and Mascara in over a year. Her attention being pulled between her new album and her medical diagnosis, Julie wrote that she lacked the confidence while recording and did not have the emotional attachment to the album that she, as an artist, needed. On a recent car trip to Charlotte, NC, however, Julie listened to the album from start to finish and her opinion changed.

“It’s not perfect and I probably should’ve sung things a little different but it represents exactly who I was and where I was supposed to be during that time of my life,” she wrote. “I am so proud that I finished that album and I think I grew so much as a person during the recording process.”

Julie plans to release her third album around Memorial Day.


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