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New textile plant in Union could create 100 jobs

SCRN affiliate WBCU in Union contributed to this report

One of South Carolina’s rural counties that’s been hit hard by the recession got a bit of good news this week. Start-up company Textile Trends LLC announced it will begin a new production facility in Union County, near the town of Jonesville.

Union County Supervisor Tommy Sinclair says the new facility will use the old Milliken building.

What’s really exciting about it is… it uses an existing building, so we don’t have buildings sitting around not used. It (also) taps an existing, trained employment market. These are textile jobs and we certainly have textile-trained people who can go to work tomorrow, so to speak.

Textile Trends says it hopes to hire about 100 employees at the site. The company manufactures linen products– such as napkins, tablecloths, and aprons– for the tourism industry.

Sinclair said there’s little time for county leaders to celebrate.

Just like in any other case… you look at today’s (announcement), you enjoy today’s for a couple of days, then you work on the next one. It’s not what has been done, it’s what will be done that we need to stay focused on.

The company will begin hiring in May.


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