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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Wendy Newcomer On April 29, 2011 @ 1:59 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled

Top Tweets

Country music stars sure love Twitter! Here at GAC, we follow them too. This week the stars were tweeting about the glamour of the Royal Wedding and the sadness of the devastating tornadoes that ripped through the south. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [1]. If you’d like to donate money to help those affected by the tornadoes, click HERE [2] to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

Steel Magnolia [3]@steelmagnolia11 [4]    Yes, I am one of the 2.6 billion people who stayed up to watch the royal wedding! And Josh is snoozing..lol! Xo Meg

Miranda Lambert [5]@Miranda_Lambert [6]    Starting the countdown to the royal wedding! And even tho I have a show, I WILL be up at 5 am to watch every second of it!  [And then, hours later Miranda tweeted]  Aahhhhhhhhhhhh. So beautiful!  Ok I admit it….I bawled

Crystal Hoyt@Crystal_Hoyt [7]    Ok, I would like to suggest that we Americans bring back wearing HATS to church! I LOVE that the British still do that!

Danielle Peck [8]@daniellepeck [9]    Waiting in restlessness ….. She is about to walk down the isle ……. I’m holding my breath until I see the dress!!!! :-)

Josh Thompson [10]@TheJoshThompson [11]    Royal wedding? I’d rather have a royal ass whoopin but I’ll settle for a Crown Royal instead.

Ashley Monroe [12]@ashleymonroe [13]   What if Kate Middleton had to pee like a pregnant racehorse in the middle of ceremony ?!? Makes me have to go just THINKING of it .. Wheww.

Little Big Town [14]@LBTmusic [15]    My thoughts and prayers are with my home state of Alabama as well as the the other states that were devastated. God be with you all. Jimi

Sara Evans [16]@saraevansmusic [17]    Pray for Alabama. My heart is broken for all the families who lost loved ones and homes. Please pray for their comfort.

Taylor Swift [18]@taylorswift13 [19]    We’re at rehearsals watching videos of the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa. Our love and hopes and thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.

Ashton Shepherd [20]@AshtonShepherd [21]    My prayers and thoughts go out to all the tragedy in my home state of alabama and fellow states. It’s so unreal. God be with everyone.

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