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Eden’s Edge Returns Home To Raise Environmental Awareness

Eden's Edge

Eden's Edge photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Arkansas natives Eden’s Edge are returning to their home state this weekend to speak to 8th graders at Bentonville’s School for the Arts and local media. The group, comprised of Hannah Blaylock, Cherrill Green and Dean Berner, will share both their love of nature and their musical stories with the middle schoolers. They will also do two live performances in support of environmental awareness as part of the Walton Arts Center “First” series in Fayetteville and Bentonville.

“Artists can have a very big influence on the discussion about sustainability,” Dean said. “Music, literature and all other art forms can give greater meaning to nature in the public eye in a way that facts, figures and legislation cannot. The impact of art makes people feel, which many times is more influential in shifting public opinion than facts and figures can be.  Art has the power to change the world and is a necessary part of any campaign to create a more sustainable world. “

The band isn’t just talking about protecting the environment. They do their part through small day-to-day gestures to impact their environment. “I always turn lights off when I leave a room and during the day I enjoy letting the natural light in through the windows,” Cherrill said. “I also don’t get a copy of receipts if I don’t need them. It doesn’t sound like much, but I read once how much it could help if people just cut out printing a receipt at the gas pump.”

Eden’s Edge recently released their debut single, “Amen,” to country radio. Their EP will be available on iTunes on May 24 and they will spend the summer on the road with Brad Paisley.


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