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Restructuring, Dept. of Administration may stall this year

Sheheen teams up with former opponent Haley to pass restructuring

The General Assembly is in its last week of the regular legislative year, but they will have to return in June to finish redistricting and to answer any budget vetoes. There are other high-profile bills that may not get resolved this year. A series of bipartisan bills to restructure government may not make it to a vote, says Vincent Sheheen, who has sponsored many of those:

AUDIO: Sheheen says budget debate stalled progress on other bills (:28)

Haley promised in her campaign to make government more efficient

The proposed Department of Administration would take on many functions of the current Budget and Control Board, an agency that Gov. Haley calls a “big green bureaucratic monster” because of its far-reaching role in state government.

So, the governor wants to see the General Assembly get to this issue, this year:

AUDIO: Haley says legislators may have time to pass these bills (:19)

This is year one in a two-year session, says Sheheen, so the bills may pass next year.

AUDIO: Sheheen says he is frustrated with legislative progress this year (:40)

The restructuring plan for Sheheen includes establishing the office of State Inspector General. Will that happen?

AUDIO: Sheheen on new position of Inspector General (:27)

The legislative year is scheduled to end June 2.


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