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The Gatlin Brothers Release New Single Following Osama bin Laden’s Death

Larry Gatlin (center) and the Gatlin Brothers, photo courtesy of Absolute Publicity.

The death of Osama bin Laden was just the moment Larry Gatlin and and the Gatlin Brothers have been waiting for to release their latest song, “Americans, That’s Who.” “Plain and simple, we’ve been sitting on this thing for awhile,” Larry Gatlin said.  “We’ve known for some time that it would take a groundbreaking, monumental event for us to release this single to radio.  The death of Osama bin Laden meets those qualifications.”

The Gatlin Brothers also want to extend their gratitude to our service men and women. “We would like to send a very special ‘thank you’ to the members of Seal Team Six and all of the brave American men and women in uniform who risk their lives to keep us free,” Larry said. “Who are these good people?  Americans, that’s who!” 

Listen to the track:

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