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Watch Martina McBride’s Video for “Teenage Daughters”

Martina McBride and her daughters in Martina's video for "Teenage Daughters."

Martina McBride‘s latest single, “Teenage Daughters,” was written from an honest place. The day Martina got together with the Warren Brothers to write, she and her oldest daughter, 16-year-old Delaney, weren’t getting along. As the three writers started talking about raising children and the challenges that arise when they become teenagers, the song ideas started to flow. A short time later, they had “Teenage Daughters.”

GAC is proud to present the world premiere of the “Teenage Daughters” video! All three of Martina’s daughters are in the clip, which spans from the 1950′s to the present. Martina’s husband, John, plays…her husband, naturally. Personally, my favorite thing about the video is the hair — especially Martina’s ’80s ‘do. Check out their time-traveling video HERE!

Martina and Delaney, plus her other daughters, 13-year-old Emma and five-year-old Ava, recently visited our studio and Delaney told the story behind the song she inspired. Here it is — and we bet it’s a tale many fans can relate to:


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