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Scott explains vote against Libya bombing

The United States joined forces with its allies months ago in the fight in Libya–where rebels are trying to battle their dictator, Moammar Gadhafi. Since then, Congress members disagree with President Obama’s choice to bomb Libya–leaving some wondering why.

The U.S. House voted to not give President Obama the authority to bomb Libya, but then voted to not defund the effort either.

1st District Congressman Tim Scott voted no on both issues. He explains–

The president does not have the authority and we should not give him cursory authority by saying that we are supporting the NATO. Bottom line is that we need to help our allies when necessary, but I do not believe this is a necessary intrusion on behalf of America into Libya.

Scott says he has not figured out why America is even involved in the debate in Libya. Before the first American bombing in Libya, Scott told Charleston affiliate WTMA he trusts the nation’s military commanders to make the right decision. Now that the bombing continues, the congressman stands firm on his statement.

I absolutely continue to trust our commander, not the commander-in-chief, on this issue. But, I absolutely trust our generals, our colonels, who have to do the war-fighting themselves. I do not, however, trust our president to make this decision.

Scott says he trusts the commanders on the ground, but he says there are none on the ground right now–with recent air attacks.


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