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The Meaning Behind Aaron Tippin’s Tattoo

Aaron Tippin photo courtesy of Tip Top Entertainment.

At first glance, the tattoo on Aaron Tippin’s right arm looks like a crescent and a palmetto tree – the symbol of his home state, South Carolina. According to research, the tree is a tribute to the palmetto logs used to build Ft. Moultrie during the Revolutionary War. The crescent has been a topic of debate, however. Some say it’s a moon, but researchers say it’s an adaption of the gorget, a piece of armor used to protect the neck.

A tattoo is, of course, permanent, so when Aaron made the decision to made the decision to get inked, he was careful to make sure it was meaningful. “I wouldn’t be scared to go to church with my sleeves rolled up,” Aaron said. “I know I’ll never be ashamed of being from South Carolina.”

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