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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Sarah Wyland On July 29, 2011 @ 2:40 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled

Country music stars sure love Twitter! Here at GAC, we follow them too. This week, Miranda Lambert [2] and Kellie Pickler [3] show how their dogs are dealing with the heat, Brad Paisley [4] has been a busy man, Taylor Swift’s [5] dad keeps popping up and Frankie Ballard [6] is feeling a little less than special. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [7].

Miranda Lambert's dog [8]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/Miranda_Lambert.

Miranda Lambert – Miranda_Lambert [9]: Dog days of summer! Delilah is a coolin her heels!

Brad Paisley – BradPaisley [10]: Busy week. Just got finished negotiatiing the NFL lockout deal, now I’m headed to Washington to work on the debt deal.

Frankie Ballard – FrankieBallard: [11] Im bummed when my friends/fam text me a pic…and then they post it on twitter and Facebook. “I’ll take the large pic minus the special…”

Tayor Swift [12]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/taylorswift13.

Taylor Swift – TaylorSwift13: [13] Dear Dad- Just uploaded my pictures. Thanks for making surprise cameos in 75% of them. #parentalphotobombs [14]

Martina McBride
MartinaMcBride: [15] Holy crap! There is a freaking LIZARD in our bathroom. NOT the best thing to come home to! I’ve trapped it. #thisisajobforthehusband [16]

David Nail [17]DavidNail [18]: Watching Dodgers game, there can’t be more than 10k fans! Pitiful what a divorce has done to such a historic team!

Dierks Bentley [19]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/DierksBentley.

Dierks Bentley [20]DierksBentley [21]: ok this is some funny s#%t. me and the boys arm wrestling NAVY SEAL badass paul. we barely won!

Randy Montana [22]RandyMontana [23]: I should be getting my tags renewed today, but made a much wiser decision to go to Bass Pro Shops. #itsjustadamnsticker [24]

Joe Nichols [25]JoeNichols [26]: I literally feel like a giant rigatoni. Fitness center gonna smell like parmesan tonight! Ha!……. Wait… That sounds gross…

Kellie Pickler [27]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/KelliePickler.

Kellie Pickler – KelliePickler [28]: Catching some rays with Chunk!!!

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