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Martina McBride Explores Songwriting on New Album

Martina McBride

Martina McBride photo courtesy of Front Page Publicity.

When Martina McBride releases her new album, Eleven, on October 11, she will be credited as a co-writer on over half of the album’s 11 tracks. Before Eleven, Martina relied on Nashville’s numerous talented songwriters to find her songs, enjoying the process of uncovering songs she connected with.

“When I moved to Nashville I just got so caught up in all the other aspects of it and we have such great writers here,” Martina said. “I really depended on those songwriters and I love the discovery of finding a song that feels like it was written for you. I mean, there is still something beautiful about that.”

With a new record label, new producer and new manager, it only seemed appropriate for Martina to turn her focus to her own writing. While she will never give up the appreciation of great songs from other writers, she enjoyed being able to put her feelings on paper now instead of waiting for the right song to come along.

“I just kinda decided, you know, during this transition to a new record company and new management, I just decided to focus on it and I think also, I had a little more confidence in my writing having done it some and had songs like “Anyway,” Martina said. “I thought, ‘Oh, I can do this. I can do this. I have something to say.’ I really do want to express myself in this way and not wait for someone else to express it for me. And there is something really freeing about that as well. Being able to get in a room and come up with this song is just something that I’m really enjoying and loving.”

Eleven will include Martina’s recent No. 1 “Teenage Daughters” as well as her new single, “I’ll Love You Through It.” Watch the video for “Teenage Daughters” now >>


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