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Reba Gets Comfortable with Social Networking

Reba McEntire photo courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Reba McEntire was a star long before the invention of Facebook, but as her career has continued to grow, so has her comfort level with social networking. In a time when artists sometimes overshare their day-to-day life for adoring fans, Reba remembers when playing coy was the recommended thing to do.

“Back a long time ago you were like, ‘Oh let’s not get over-saturated. Let’s not over-saturate the public with all the stuff that’s going on. Be a little mysterious,’” she said. “And now, you’re telling people when you’re going to brush your teeth.  Now, it’s totally different in the mindset, and I don’t think the fans can get enough information.”

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Deciding how much to share and when is a balancing act. So what does Reba recommend? “I kind of think one or two tweets a day is pretty good,” she said. “I don’t tweet 20 times a day unless I am on and I’m answering questions. But just to tell ‘em my activity throughout the day is not something that I feel that they’re interested in.”

Reba refers to her Twitter followers as her ‘Tweebas.’ What have Reba and her Tweebas been tweeting about lately? Besides answering a slew of fan questions, she’s shared information about her new music video, her latest single, “Somebody’s Chelsea,” and her upcoming All The Woman I Am Tour.

Not too long ago, Reba visited our Top 20 Country Countdown set. At that time she was new to Twitter, and even admitted to having a “ghost tweeter,” of sorts. Find out who that was in the clip below!


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