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Blake Shelton Credits The Voice With His Place in Pop Culture

Blake Shelton photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

Blake Shelton was already a star in the country music world when NBC’s The Voice hit airwaves, but his sense of humor and passion for his team quickly won over a whole new legion of fans that perhaps hadn’t heard of him before. He credits The Voice for his rise in popularity and realizes it won’t last forever – but country music will.

“You don’t see a lot of country artists end up in pop culture, but somehow Miranda and I are there for a minute,” Blake told Reuters. “When The Voice comes and goes, and Miranda and I being married are not interesting to talk about anymore, country music will still be important to me. It’s the reason I moved to Nashville.”

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Besides a hit television show which returns February 5, his new album, Red River Blue, and a slew of No. 1 hit songs, Blake is nominated for five CMA Awards, including the prestigious Entertainer of the Year. He is the current reigning Male Vocalist of the Year. It hasn’t sunk in yet that he is one of the most nominated artists going into the November 9 awards.

“I don’t think it will even soak in on me until next week,” Blake said. “I’ll be sitting there one morning and go ‘holy crap, that’s a big deal.’ There’s so much going on right now (it’s) hard to take it all in.”

Blake recently re-recorded Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” for the upcoming remake of the movie starring Julianne Hough. He was approached about doing another song for the soundtrack for the movie out October 14 but said it was “Footloose” or nothing.

“When they approached me about it, they asked me about doing another song, but I told them I wanted to do ‘Footloose’ or I wasn’t going to be part of the soundtrack,” he said.”It is in THE scene of the movie, and I didn’t want to monkey around with it. I wanted to pay homage to Kenny’s version, and just make it sound new again. With me singing, it is definitely more country sounding.” Here’s a 30-second preview of Blake’s version:

Blake just released his latest video, “God Gave Me You,” featuring wedding footage from his and Miranda Lambert’s May wedding. Watch it now! >>


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