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Burns & Poe Release New Song About Unemployment

Photo credit: Jerrett Gaza

Burns & Poe’s new single addresses the most current of topics – unemployment. Written by Keith Burns and John Ritter, the song is reflective of the situation many Americans find themselves in these days. It is a serious topic to tackle, but the pair aren’t seeking to make a political statement with the tune.

“The song just kind of wrote itself,” Keith Burns said. “My co-writer, John Ritter, and I knew when we started writing this tune that we were creating a song to voice the frustration, hopelessness and need that many feel. A job means more than just paying the bills; it’s about self-respect, self-worth and pride. Working is part of the American way. People don’t want a hand-out, they want a job. It’s not a political issue – it’s an American financial, social and emotional issue.”

“We have enjoyed unbelievable response when we perform this song live; it’s obvious that it strikes a chord in the heart of our listeners.” Michelle Poe said. “It’s gotten to the point, when talking to fans and friends, where an epidemic of joblessness presents itself. The American Dream, it seems, has been reduced to just making enough money to pay for gas to get to your job and hope it’s still there when you arrive.”

In addition to the release of “I Need A Job” to radio, there will be a video submission competition where the winning contestant will be employed by the Burns & Poe team for 30 days. Details on the contest will be available soon on


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