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Meet Jewel & Ty Murray’s Baby Boy

Jewel, Ty Murray & son Kase

Jewel, Ty Murray & son Kase. Photo courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Jewel and Ty Murray are showing off their new bundle of joy, son Kase Townes, to People Magazine. Kase was born July 11 after an emergency c-section that left Jewel and Ty shaken but holding a healthy baby boy. The pair had planned on a natural birth, but a routine doctor visit a week after Jewel’s due date showed Kase needed to make his arrival as soon as possible.

“We wanted a natural birth and I was committed to that. I studied hypnobirthing,” Jewel told People. “I feel lucky to be pregnant in the modern age where they could actually tell he wasn’t well during those contractions. We felt thankful that we had good doctors and a good hospital nearby, and that everything was okay. I’m so lucky that we have a healthy baby boy. That’s all I cared about.”

Ty, known as one of the toughest cowboys to ever compete on the rodeo circuit and one of the founders of Professional Bull Riders, remembers watching Kase come into the world. “I felt like somebody went to a cabinet, pulled out a perfect baby and handed him over,” he said. “It’s overwhelming.”

The pair and their son have settled in to a routine. Ty handles the dirty diapers while Jewel takes care of feedings. They have no plans to hire a nanny. Kase will grow up on the ranch but that doesn’t mean he’ll follow in Ty’s rodeo shoes – or Jewel’s shoes, for that matter.

“I can’t wait until when Kase goes out there with me,” Ty said. “Jewel and I have to remember he is his own little person, and it’s all for him to figure out. Our job is to enjoy what his little journey is, not fret over it.”

More from Jewel, Ty and Kase can be found in the latest issue of People Country, on newsstands now.


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