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Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox Takes a Break

Rascal Flatts photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Fans who have been to a Rascal Flatts show know lead singer Gary LeVox hits a lot of big notes throughout their set. On the band’s Flatts Fest tour, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are taking over some of the vocals to give Gary a little bit of a break.

“You know Gary, God love him, he sings in the clouds all night long,” Jay said. “And we get into rehearsals and what looks good on paper sometimes he’ll look at us and go ‘Y’all gotta give me a break at some point. I mean, I’m screaming my guts out. You know it’s gonna be a hundred degrees.’”

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Talented guitar, bass and keyboard players, Joe Don and Jay could have easily thrown in a few instrumental breaks to give Gary time to catch his breath. Gary, however, recommended the other two take over at the mic. “He said ‘Why don’t we take a couple of these songs and let you guys sing some of the verses and that way it gives me a little bit of a break,’” Jay said. Jay added they would love to take more leads in the future – “if [Gary] allows us to.”

Rascal Flatts wrapped Flatts Fest over the weekend.


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