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Reba Admits Her Competitive Streak

Reba McEntire photo courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

The older we get the wiser we get – and Reba couldn’t agree more. She’s one of the most successful female country artists ever, but says even if given the chance, she wouldn’t go back and give her younger self advice about the music business and what was to come.

“That would ruin it,” she said. “If I said, ‘Be patient’ that would ruin the spontaneity or the ambitiousness that I have and had and the determination and the competitiveness that I’ve always had.”

Reba has always been competitive and plans to stay that way. “I don’t care if it’s playing backgammon or hopscotch,” she said. “I just love to be competitive. I was that way in sports and school, singing, 4-H club. I just loved to compete. I like to win but if I don’t, I just still wanna compete.”

Watch Reba’s “When Love Gets A Hold Of You” video now! >>

Reba’s latest single, “Somebody’s Chelsea,” is at radio now. She’ll be embarking on her All The Woman I Am Tour this fall and will film a pilot for her new ABC sitcom, Malibu Country, in April of 2012.


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