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Colt Ford & His Handlebar Mustache

Colt Ford photo courtesy of Essential Broadcast Media.

Colt Ford is known as country music’s resident spoken-word artist, with clever lyrics and a love of having a good time. He has also become known for his handlebar mustache.

“Sometimes I do the goatee,” says Colt, “but mostly I do the handlebar kinda thing with the little soul patch. “It’s just me being me. I don’t don’t know who likes it or who don’t like it. I don’t know what they’d say if I didn’t have it. Could you imagine my brother Jamey Johnson without his beard? I mean I don’t know, it just is what it is.”

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Colt just released his signature vodka and moonshine line, Goodtime. A Georgia native, Colt’s moonshine comes from an authentic Georgia moonshine recipe and is made with Georgia-grown grains. Goodtime is available in Georgia and Tennessee with plans to expand underway.

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