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Joe Nichols’ “Take It Off” Video a YouTube Smash

Joe Nichols on the set of his video, "Take It Off." Photo by Ann-Marie Hensley, courtesy of Show Dog-Universal Music.

Joe Nichols’ “Take It Off” video has passed 1.3 million views on YouTube as the single closes in on the Top 20 on the country music charts. The video was shot in downtown Nashville and turned a busy street corner into a summer party complete with a swimming pool, beach balls and a tiki bar, which  Joe transported people to by way of a magic newspaper.

“I think everybody needs a newspaper like that,” Joe said. “We’re all so caught up in the rush of a work day and trying to get things done that sometimes we forget to just take a deep breath, and go fishing. Read a book. Take your kid to the park—something besides chasing after that paycheck. We wanted this music video to illustrate what the song’s lyrics are saying.  And by golly if it took a magic newspaper to do it, well, we got one.”

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According to Joe’s manager, George Couri, the success of the video on YouTube is a sign of how fans are reacting to the song. “To put this in perspective, by comparison ‘Take It Off’ on YouTube alone, has far and away more views than most of the other songs around him and many above him on the charts, which we know is another good indicator of the public’s interest in a song,” he said.

Watch Joe’s “Take It Off” video now!

Click here to view the embedded video.


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