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Justin Moore’s Ad-Libbing Is a Hit

Justin Moore photo by Kristin Barlowe, courtesy of The Valory Music Co

Justin Moore’s latest song, “Bait A Hook,” is a tongue-and-cheek track about a guy watching his ex-girlfriend moving on with a new guy. Fans are reporting their favorite part of the song is the end, which has Justin mumbling about tofu, foreign cars, flat tires and Gucci shoes. It turns out, the ending wasn’t planned.

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“I think everybody here knows I’m an idiot and I just ramble most of the time anyway,” Justin said. “And usually my producer don’t even tell me. He just yanks it outta there you know? And we left it and were like, ‘Should we take it out? Should we leave it?’ And I was like, ‘I get a kick out of it and everybody we play it for gets a kick out of it.’ So we just left it.”

Justin will hit the road with Blake Shelton on his Well Lit & Amplified Tour in January.


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